Why do we do what we do...?

Because we care about...

Making a difference to South Africa's economy.

Why do we do what we do...?

Because we care about...

Changing the unemployment rate of this country

Why do we do what we do...?

Because we care about...

Transforming the workplace

Why do we do what we do...?

Because we care about...

Creating a sustainable job to give people a
platform to pursue their purpose

Why do we do what we do...?

Because we care about...

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Opportunity for SMEs

Published on June 23, 2016

DYNAMIC: INCUBATION PROGRAMME HELPS SMALL BUSINESSES 4 Property Point's programme has assisted these enter-prises in achieving a reported revenue growth of up to 54.5% and has also been instrumental in grow-ing these small busi-ness to create more than 1100 jobs so far. property Point, the award-winning en- terprise development initiative founded by Growthpoint Proper-ties, has opened the door to lim-itless opportunities for two SMEs with a sponsorship to attend the 50th annual South African Prop-erty Owners Association (Sapoa) convention and property exhibi-tion in Sandton later this month.

Property Point has seen al-most loo SMEs participate in its two-year incubation programme. Established in 2008, it provides entrepreneurs operating within South Africa's property sector with the necessary skills, training and personal development they need to grow their businesses and see them reach their full poten-tial, compete in the open market and meet the industry's supply chain needs. Generating more than R451 million in procurement opportu-nities for these SMEs, Property Point's programme has assisted these enterprises in achieving a reported revenue growth of up to 54.5% and has also been instru-mental in growing these small business to create more than 1100 jobs so far.

Shawn Theunissen, head of CSR at Growthpoint Properties and head of Property Point, says: "We pride ourselves in partner-ing with dynamic entrepreneurs, working with them to grow their SMEs into sustainable businesses that also have added benefits like job creation. We find the biggest challenge for SMEs is finding real procurement opportunities, and so by giving entrepreneurs un-precedented access to decision makers in the industry they serve at the Sapoa Convention, we're actually making a real impact in terms of growth for small busi-nesses."

Highlighting the passion for enterprise development of its partners, like Growthpoint and Attacq Limited, Property Point hopes to give these small busi-nesses greater insight into the industry and its procurement op-portunities at Sapoa's annual con-vention and property exhibition. And, if all goes well, they could even match these growing busi-nesses with opportunities.

Qualified quantity surveyor Thapelo Tlhapane will be repre-senting his business -TT Holdings - at the convention. Established in 2012, the company specialises in quantity surveying, providing a range of services which include cost planning, advice and feasi-bility studies, as well as contract administration and reporting. Based in Johannesburg, TT Hold-ings aims to enhance its base of business skills while perfecting its craft through participation in the Property Point programme. "We've just started on the pro-gramme, but I can already see positive changes in my company.

With Property Point's expertise, my business has definitely been raised to the next level. I am look-ing forward to showing off some these newly learned skills at the convention," says Tlhapane. Joining Tlhapane will be Ra-hab Mononyane who established her company, Mapitsi Holdings, in 2012. Mapitsi Holdings offers landscaping services and garden maintenance, also providing ir-rigation installation and mainte-nance, indoor plant supply and organic vegetable gardening ser-vices. "We have been blessed with an opportunity to learn and grow, and I'm holding on to it with both hands.

I know for sure that the Property Point team truly care about my business, and I'm really looking forward to what the future has in store," Mononyane says. Sapoa's convention and exhi-bition is set to bring together a host of significant national and international property profes-sionals, all under one roof. Show-casing contributions from world-class owners, developers and built-environment professionals who have enhanced the industry with smarter and more beautiful buildings, the convention will undoubtedly provide both Tlhapane and Mononyane with new insights and opportunities.

"We are excited to be introduc-ing these two businesses to other likeminded corporates. We have already proven that SMEs work-ing through the Property Point programme are well equipped with the necessary skills to com-pete in any environment, from engaging effectively and identify-ing new opportunities for their already growing businesses, to delivering high-quality products and services. This is an exciting venture for both companies, and I look forward to watching them excel at the convention and after it," says Theunissen. We'vejust started on the programme, but I can already see positive changes in my company.

With Property Point's ex-pertise, my business has definitely been raised to the next level Opportunity for SMEs Thapelo Tlhapane TT Holdings We have been bless-ed with an oppor-tunity to learn and grow, and I'm hold-ing onto it with both hands Rahab Mononyane Mapitsi Holdings

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