Why do we do what we do...?

Because we care about...

Making a difference to South Africa's economy.

Why do we do what we do...?

Because we care about...

Changing the unemployment rate of this country

Why do we do what we do...?

Because we care about...

Transforming the workplace

Why do we do what we do...?

Because we care about...

Creating a sustainable job to give people a
platform to pursue their purpose

Why do we do what we do...?

Because we care about...

Working with like minded people
to make this happen...



Seeking a competitive edge? Place your business at the top of the supply chain!

Published on May 20, 2016

Property Point, a Growthpoint Properties initiative, is hosting a To The Point live workshop focusing on placing small businesses in a competitive position within supply chains.

Aimed at assisting entrepreneurs and SMEs, the Competitive Positioning for Small Businesses within Supply Chains workshop will take place at the Southern Sun Hotel in Hyde Park on Thursday, 26 May 2016.

The workshop will be an interactive session focusing on aligning business strategy with the supply chain strategies of larger enterprises with guest speakers Alex Potgieter, Kurt Parker and Letty Ngobeni.

Unique insight into supply chain development is provided by these speakers who collectively have over 30 years of experience. Potgieter is Chairman of the Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Parker is Procurement Manager at Growthpoint Properties and Ngobeni is Managing Director at Integrico, a Property Point graduate company.

Property Point offers a rigorous two-year enterprise development incubation programme. From its very first day, Property Point followed a strong supply chain inclusion model, which was aimed at the property value chain.

Providing a solid understanding of opportunities provided by supply chain owners has allowed Property Point to source businesses to development that will meet the opportunities.

“In light of the latest changes to the BBBEE codes, Property Point’s supply chain inclusion model has put it ahead of the curve. We’ve already introduced new providers into the supply chain and effectively delivered competitive suppliers to industry standards,” says Shawn Theunissen, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at Growthpoint Properties and the Head of Property Point.

The new enterprise supplier development model has businesses investing directly into their supply chain and benefitting with positive impacts that fill gaps and add value.

“It’s not a unique concept. It’s used all over the world. Whether your goal is transformation or competitiveness, it’s just good business,” says Theunissen.

Since inception in 2008, Property Point has created financial capital of R429 million worth of contracts accessed by its beneficiary companies. Of this money in the bank accounts of small businesses, R171 million came from Growthpoint’s own procurement, with the remaining R258 million of contracts competed for and won from the property industry in the open market.

The 114 Property Point beneficiary companies are reporting a 76% average annual growth rate in turnover, and have so far directly created 1,208 sustainable fulltime jobs in the two years since engaging with Property Point.

The workshop will address an understanding of aligning business strategy with the supply chain strategy of large enterprises, creating and navigating relationships within the chain, and positioning a business effectively within a supply chain.

Practical insight on implementing the techniques will be provided, and there will be a question and answer opportunity for those in attendance to discuss the relevance to their particular business situations.

The Property Point ‘Competitive Positioning for Small Businesses within Supply Chains’ workshop will take place at the Southern Sun Hotel, Hyde Park, on 26 May 2016. It will start at 5:45pm and finish at 8:30pm with drinks and finger snacks being served. The investment cost is R100.00 and as seating is limited, advance booking is essential and can be made by emailing info@propertypoint.org.za.

Shawn Theunissen, head of Property Point and head of Corporate Social Responsibility for Growthpoint Properties.

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