Our guest speaker:

The session will cover the following points:

  • What influence is and why it’s important
  • The 10 qualities that help make you a better influencer
  • How to inspire and guide your team to give their best and ultimately lead the growth your business
  • Practical insights to help you implement these techniques


In this session, we take a look at the unique characteristics of disruption within the African context and what it means for business owners and entrepreneurs. Our Keynote speaker will unpack the nuances of disruption in the African context, as it relates to entrepreneurs, and challenge the audience to think critically about their own position in this dynamic space.

In the spirit of disruption, this Entreprneurship To The Point session will also take a look at what entrepreneurs need to know about blockchain technology. Our two speakers from Barclays Africa will give a practical presentation on what you should know as a business owner to remain relent in this dynamic space.


Kelly Parkhurst - VP New Digital Solutions, Barclays Africa

For the past two years Kelly has been pushing the boundaries in blockchain technology and its impact on the financial industry, more specifically its potential impact on the Barclays Africa Corporate and Investment Bank. She led the world’s first live blockchain trade pilot for Barclays Africa in partnership with Barclays UK and Wave, a finch start-up. The bank was awarded the prestigious Global Trade Review Deal of the Year Award in recognition of this pilot.

Sara Zerrabini – New Digital Analyst, Barclays Africa

Sara is a New Digital Analyst at Barclays Africa and has represented the organisation in both local and global consortiums. Sara runs a number of ongoing emerging technology projects, co-ordinates engagements with regulators, and has helped train over 300 individuals on blockchain and Cryptocurrencies in 2017.

Abdullah Verachia – Global Strategist Presenter and Facilitator

Abdullah is the Chief Executive Officer of The Strategists – a leading strategy consulting firm that helps governments and corporates to craft competitive future strategies. Abdullah co-founded Frontier Advisory and has been selected to be a part of the Brightest Young Minds in South Africa. A visionary leader who has played an active role in a number of areas globally, Abdullah has presented in over 60 cities globally and is recognised as a leading dealmaker, strategist and thought leader on company competitiveness and strategy. His experience in these areas make him a sought after global speaker. This TTP session was inspired by Abdullah’s TEDxEuston talk where he challenged the audience with his insight on how Africa can actively forge its own way by disrupting the status quo.

To The Point Session information:

Our Entrepreneurship To The Point sessions are geared at informing, equipping and inspiring the attendees in their entrepreneurial journey, at this particular session we aim to:

What to expect at this session:

  • Shed light on disruption in an Africa context and what it means for entrepreneurs
  • Provide insights on how entrepreneurs can navigate their market fully equipped for disruption
  • Unpack and provide insights on one of the most recent disrupters – blockchain and cryptocurrency

Event details:


Thursday, 22 February 2018


18h00 – 20h30


3rd Floor, Impello co-working space. 139 Greenway Street, Greenside, Randburg, 2034


For parking, look for boom gates in between Momo Bauhaus and Body Tec on Greenway Street.


Only R150.00 per person which includes a light dinner and networking