Our guest speaker:

The session will cover the following points:

  • What influence is and why it’s important
  • The 10 qualities that help make you a better influencer
  • How to inspire and guide your team to give their best and ultimately lead the growth your business
  • Practical insights to help you implement these techniques

To The Point Session information:

Lesiba Mothata, Executive Chief Economist at Investment Solutions Limited

Lesiba Mothata joined Investment Solutions in 2013 as Head of Market and Economic Research after a two-year spell at the SA Reserve Bank as a risk specialist responsible for the strategic asset allocation of the foreign-exchange reserve portfolio (about $50 billion).

His input was in modelling risk scenarios and providing top-down views on currencies, countries (including emerging markets), fixed income assets and riskier asset classes “new” to central banks such as mortgage-backed securities, corporate bonds and equities.

What will be covered at the session:

The session will cover and unpack the following points:

  • Learn how you can take advantage of the Recession Crisis
  • Understand how you can re-formulate your Business Strategy in response to the current economic status
  • How to identify opportunities that could arise when there are recessions and downgrades
  • Practical insights to help businesses implement these tips and technique

You will also be given time to ask specific questions related to your business situation.

Event details:


Thursday, 13 July 2017


5:45pm - 8:30pm (Please arrive promptly)


Southern Sun Hotel Hyde Park (1st Rd, Sandton 2024).


Parking located at the rear entrance at the back of the Hyde Park Mall), Southern Sun Hotel, level 8


Only R150.00 per person which includes a light dinner and networking