Property Point Development Impact Report

31 July 2019

In launching this Development Impact Report, we present an opportunity for South Africans to reflect and navigate a new course towards transformation and economic development.

Anchored on a decade of iteration and refinement, the model has achieved significant positive impact on job creation, access to markets, and accelerated revenue growth for small businesses. The possibility to scale and replicate this model in other sectors opens infinite opportunities for impact and to change people’s lives.


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    Easy Security

    Smart Kunene is a Property Point alumnus. Some might even call him a veteran of the Property Point business incubator and accelerator programme.
    Whatever label you choose to bestow upon him, the one thing Kunene is proud of is that he was among the first small businesses to be incubated by Property Point when it started the programme over a decade ago. Today, he is a success story and a better businessman because of it...

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    Kusile Hygiene 'n Industrial Services

    “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success. ”

    Husband and wife duo, Sifiso and Olga Ncube, are the embodiment of this adage. When they ventured into entrepreneurship nearly a decade ago, it was a leap of faith spurred on by a need to create a financially secure future for their two young children. After looking into several kinds of businesses, the couple eventually settled on pest control – and have allowed the universe to conspire with them ever since...

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    TMT Cleaning Hygiene

    There is such a thing as being in the right place at the right time – just ask Mpho Sono.
    From being an unemployed graduate to Managing Director of her own company, Mpho is the kind of woman many aspire to emulate.
    After completing her bachelor’s degree in Environmental Health Management back in 2001, Mpho found herself unemployed and unable to study further due to a lack of funds. She only had three months’ worth of work experience and very dim prospects in the job market...

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    TSK Construction Pty (Ltd) trading as TSK Interiors

    Thato Setati and Thuso Koboyatau know all about patience and resilience when it comes to business.
    In the eight years since their company TSK Construction Pty (Ltd) was formed, they have experienced everything from the highs of acquiring another business to the lows of battling financial solvency.
    Also trading as TSK Interiors, thisconstruction and interior design business has fought the industry battles and livedto tell the triumphant tale...

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    TT Holdings

    A taste of the boardroom life and an introspective conversation with a sibling are what Thapelo Tihapane credits for the creation of his Quantity Surveying business, TT Holdings.
    At just 23 years old, with no business experience and armed with little more than his BSc Quantity Survey degree from Wits University and an abundance of ambition, Tihapane registered his company in 2015 and embarked on a journey that has scared off many before him...

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